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What is Professional Year Program? Who can Opt for it?

What is Professional Year Program? Who can Opt for it?

  • Date14 Aug 2017


Professional year program combines on-the-job training and formal learning as a structural career growth program for foreign students graduated at a university in Australia. These programs usually last 12 months and are offered in the fields of computer science, accounting, and engineering industries where there is huge demand for skilled graduates in Australia.

A professional year program Melbourne is recommended mainly to those students who want to apply for permanent residency in the country. With this program, students can learn skills related to their industry through both work experience and study and prepare themselves to be the part of Australian workforce in their professional careers. Only those professional year programs are recognized by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection that is government approved.

Benefits of Professional Year program

  • Earn valuable experience as intern in an Australia-based company
  • Improve your knowledge of the practices and culture in a workplace in Australia
  • Learn professional communication skills in an Australian company
  • Get 5 extra points in the points test conducted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection if you are going to apply for Skilled Independence visa (Subclass 189)

Who can apply for Professional Year Program?

You will want to complete a degree in computer science, engineering or accounting in Australia to be eligible for professional year program. You are required to have Skilled –Graduate (Subclass 485) Temporary Visa to live in Australia for 18 months once your degree is completed.

To get this visa, you should be under 50, completed the qualification within the past 6 months for 2 years of study in the country, and have all the qualifications and skills needed to be listed on the list of Skilled Occupation. After completing the degree outside Australia at a recognized university, engineering graduates can also complete professional year program in their subject.

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