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Apply for Professional Year Program & Get 5 Extra points for Australian PR

Apply for Professional Year Program & Get 5 Extra points for Australian PR

  • Date16 Aug 2018


Two or three years after completing your gradation or Master’s degree, now you are a part of all the enthusiastic university graduates who are prepared for efficient future with a useful Australian degree in hand.

If you are wondering what to do now, then the best thing after completing your graduation is that you have secured the job for which you have studied so hard and after all for PR. Right? But sometimes the plan is not that easy and you still need more points to be capable to enroll for PR and at least the actual job experience.

Luckily, you have an option to complete the score you need and begin your adventure in the Australian workforce. This option is called the Professional Year Program in Australia and is essentially on-the-job learning in an Australian company that closely monitored by the tutors, who will make arrangements to get the necessary experience in your area.

A Professional Year Program is a curriculum intended to provide foreign students with work experience and to prepare them for jobs. This curriculum is for foreign students who have graduated from the Australian University.

Professional Year programs are of 44 weeks to 52 weeks that consist of 12-week internships that is industrial-based training. Accounting, Computer science, and engineering are three fields for whom the government approved professional year program is provided.

The Australian on-the-job learning provides a practical component of the Professional Year Program (PYP) and it has been certified by the immigration departments authorized by the Immigration Department and Border Protection (DIBP).

Those who have completed bachelor or postgraduate qualification in IT, accounting, or engineering can do “Professional Year Program (PYP). A Professional year program is a useful addition to your resume, improves your employment possibilities in Australia and is also profitable for your general skilled migration point test.

Program component:

PYP offers at least 44-week program to students in accounting with them. The purpose of this program is to increase the professional skills of the participants and expand their job openings.

Theory component: Consist of conference and placement provided by recognized education providers.
Practical components: Internships later handpicked with a hosting company provided by Australian internship.

Basic training will be arranged in the primary and closing days of the program. This will provide participants the opportunity to network with industry representatives. To apply for a professional year program will have to meet some professional year requirement:

  • Must be under 50 years of age
  • A graduate or master’s degree must be completed at the Australian University
  • The degree should be in computer science, engineering or accounting areas
  • You must have at least 12 months remaining on your temporary graduate visa (subclass 485)
  • At least 6 runs on each band on English proficiency test
  • To earn points toward your permanent resident application, you must complete the professional year program within 4 years before getting an invitation to apply for a visa.

Professional Year program (PYP) Benefits:

Prior to starting from this point, it is important to mention that this program is only available to graduates in IT, accounting, or engineering sectors.

In fact, this program aims at preparing qualified graduates at the local level with skills in these areas for more employers and the tough Australian job market. The most important thing is that the professional year plan does not prepare you jobs but gives you an additional 5 points which helps in the direction of permanent residency.

Another advantage is that in many cases, companies decide to rent or sponsor interns if they show exceptional performance in assignments. In addition, this program is currently a very valuable resource for the network with people working in the field.

Understand the fundamental of Australian work practices, business communications and professional principles and ethics.

In addition to professional development benefits, graduates of accounting those discover demanding to score 7 in each band of academic IELTS or to meet the requirements for skill evaluation, can use the equivalent professional year program as an alternative option.

On the other hand, for example, IT students can do professional years instead of requiring 12-month skill evaluation work experience, or use these 5 additional points to replace lost points for age or experience.

Finding full-time professional jobs in Australia as a new international engineering, accounting or ICT graduate can be challenging.

Even if you are qualified and have the right to work, employers expect that you have factual knowledge and relevant work experience so that you can work effectively on your first day on a job. Apart from this, international research confirms that employers are just looking for more than merit.

To gain valuable work experience in Australia, the professional year course is an excellent resource for recent graduates, especially foreign students.

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