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Benefits of undertaking Professional Year Courses

Benefits of undertaking Professional Year Courses

  • Date09 Apr 2019


Professional year courses in Australia are the best choice that you can make, career-wise. It is not new to the candidates that Australia is beaming forward as far as education is concerned, and has huge scope for talented students. The best thing about these professional courses is that they are of one-year duration, and thus make the students industry-ready within a really short time. Engineers, IT professionals or even accountants struggle to cope up with the corporate world due to lack of training and NAATI Accreditation Test helps to bridge the gap between a talented candidate and the industry norms.

Eligibility Criteria Professional Year Program

Here are the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled so that you can take admission in one of these professional courses:

· You must complete your graduation from a recognized university in Australia. Your result must be above the minimum threshold required for this course, i.e. 6 bands. You must acquire all the relevant skills that you need in the industry. This is because you would be tested on the basis of this in the assessment exams conducted by the colleges offering professional courses.

·   You must hold a student visa that has enough validity on it to cover the tenure of the course. This is a mandatory criterion and must be fulfilled.

·  You must not be more than 50 years of age at the time of admission.

Apart from this, remember that doing well in the college exams really pays off because then, you are awarded 10 more points by the ministry of home affairs and this comes in handy during the selection process.

What is the Scope of Professional year Course?

Let us now come to the most important question. The scope of a professional year program engineering, not to exaggerate, is limitless. With the need for digitizing, the scope for the IT professionals has expanded like never before. The cloud system is now being used for serious business purposes—for preparing business models, for virtual assistance, market research, etc. For the Engineers, the mining boom in Australia has played a big part. The heavy vehicles industry has flourished, and the engineers have a great duty to innovate and increase production so that they can produce more returns for their company. Thus, the professional courses make things smoother for the students by giving them a launch pad so that their careers take off on a good note.

The Advantages

There are several advantages of opting for a Professional Year Program in Australia. Let us find them out:

a)     The professional courses provide the student with the opportunity to work as an intern. This is a great opportunity because the student can work with the professionals and learn about the industry first-hand. This is a great way to gain knowledge which later reflects in the student’s confidence when he/she later appears for an actual job interview.

b)    Internships help the student to cope up with Australian culture. This is a vital advantage because cultural differences can come in the way of collaboration. A good, productive internship period irons out the cultural differences and prepares the student for his career.

c)     Drawing from the last point, the student also learns how to communicate professionally. The codes of conduct differ from different cultures, and one must be very careful with the nuances in behaviour while dealing with the boss or the client. Being proficient in the Australian way of living and communicating is the key to breaking the ice, and this must be learned at the intern level.

So, you must take the plunge and brace yourself for an exciting career down under!

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