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There are many requirements that candidates need to fulfill if they want to become a part of the Australian workforce. These things are not confined to the topics included in their respective fields and comprise of other things such as the language, work ethics, etc. When you get enrolled in a Professional Year Program IT in Melbourne, you gain all these knowledge simultaneously with the practical training in the IT sector. This course is prepared by keeping in mind the demand of the IT industry.

Interestingly, this program gives an opportunity for foreign students to get five migration points after completing their course. This way the candidates are able to qualify for Permanent Residency in Australia. This course focus not only helps you in grabbing a job, but also ensures that you have a successful career. The participants must make sure that they are passionate about the IT field. Only then they can have a bright future in this sector.

PYP - Information Technology At a Glance

44 weeks (minimum) including 32 weeks training
in-class and 12 weeks internship placement.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have completed a recognized IT degree in Australia which provides at least 2 years of credit points.

A minimum score of 6 in IELTS English proficiency test with a minimum score of 5 across all bands OR a PTE score of 50 overall, with a minimum of 36 across all bands.

Candidates must hold or have applied for Visa 485 with 12 months of validity.

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Objective of the Professional Year - IT Melbourne

The key objective of a professional year Melbourne program is its ability to give you realistic approach and tactics in the field of Information Technology catered to an Australian work area. With a course like this in your belt, you will be able to manoeuvre your way to being a professional.

Want to know the other advantages of taking a PY program?

This course is pretty well known for providing amazing a hands-on and practical training within a reputable Australian organisation. This in turn will help you become more aware of how to act properly in this kind of setting. It will not only further enhance your knowledge in the field of Information Technology, but it will also widen your personal views in the practical application of your degree. The internship will also give you the basics in the health and security of the workplace, which can enlighten you in so many ways.

Another advantage of enrolling in a program like this is its cultivating approach with the subject matter. You will be taught on how to properly communicate your findings or reports professionally by immersing you into the lives of real IT personnel.

If you opt to get an IT professional year program Melbourne you will gain an additional five points in your permanent residency. This will greatly improve your chances of passing the point's test of The Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which can allow you to access the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa. This is especially handy to those who plan on staying in the country for a very long time.

The Professional Year Program Melbourne

Those are some of the advantages of spending a professional year program Melbourne. It can help you gain the confidence you will need to embark on your path to being a professional in the IT industry and could make you attractive to prospective employers.

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