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Any individual who aspires to building a career in translation field may enroll in Professional Year Program NAATI in Adelaide.NAATI course is designed in such a way that the candidates develop significant skills and knowledge in accordance with the demand in the market. In this program the participants receive full guidance which helps them in making a successful career either as a translator or interpreter with the help of professional Education Consultants, thereby leading them to the pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia.

National Accreditation for Translators and Interpreters or NAATI Course Adelaide is a standard organization, which is responsible for determining the maintenance of high professional standards in translation and interpreting courses. It issues accreditations for translators as well as interpreters in Australia. If you have completed a course in translation without NAATI accreditation test, then it becomes difficult for you to get a job in Australia.

Frequently asked questions about studying NAATI Approved Courses in Australia


NAATI approved coursesare of diploma or higher level which are basically the tertiary translation and interpreting qualifications that are provided by NAATI accredited VET and Higher Education institutions.

Students can get NAATI accreditation without the need to pass NAATI Accreditation test if they meet all the criteria’s and complete a NAATI approved course successfully.

Graduates who are recommended on the successful completion of NAATI approved course can apply directly to NAATI to get their accreditation.

Completing NAATI accreditation as a translator or interpreter at the Paraprofessional level or above allows individuals to claim Credentialed Community Language (formally known as CCL) points, which may be used towards a point-based migration visa.

NAATI CCL Test clearance is the other alternative to claim 5 extra CCL points towards point-based migration visa.

NAATI CCL Test was introduced by NAATI in January 2018 with a purpose to give 5 extra points to international students who are willing to migrate to Australia under point-based general skilled migration visas.

Applicants of Student visa (subclass 500), Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) or any other visas that allow a minimum of 6 months stay in Australia can apply for NAATI Accreditation Test.

Applicants of 189 visa, 190 visa and 489 visas can apply for the NAATI CCL Test.

One has to undergo 30 weeks training for NAATI Course

  • Applicant must be 18 years or above of age
  • Candidates need to undertake entry examination by NAATI recognized institutions OR submit copies of documents such as visa, IELTS/PTE Score, Australian qualifications and health insurance.
  • Diploma of Interpreting
  • Advanced Diploma of Translating

These courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

  • Apply for a NAATI Accreditation test
  • Present a tertiary qualification in translation and/or interpreting evidence obtained from an educational institution overseas
  • Provide evidence of advanced standing or international professional memberships
  • Complete a course in translation and/or interpreting at an Australian institution approved by NAATI

Upon completing a NAATI approved course from NAATI accredited institution, that institute can directly recommend you for NAATI accreditation.

To be recommended, you must:

Complete graduationwith an approved language stream and secure the grade required for recommendation in the final practical translation or interpreting examination.

Approved institutions make recommendations directly to NAATI. Recommended Individuals need to submit a complete application.The ‘Application for Accreditation by Australian Approved Course’ (Form B) can be downloaded from the NAATI website.

Please note that you will be provided a unique NAATI number within 7 days after submitting your application. Approximate time to assess your application can take up to 6 weeks.

NAATI-approved institutions will make it clear to students whether they are being recommended for NAATI accreditation.

Candidates who have been recommended for NAATI accreditation should submit an application to NAATI for accreditation within three years after their date of completion.

Besides, the applicant of NAATI Course Perth must be able to provide evidence of sufficient regular and continuous work experience in the field of translating and/or interpreting. It can be in the form of reference letters from companies or organizations, a valid description of the position that demonstrate the involvement of candidate in the translating and/or interpreting work.

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