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There has been a lot of positive changes and development in my skills and work life after gaining practical experience with internships for almost 1 year. It is amazing to obtain Australian internship experience which helps adjust in the local work culture. PYP not only helped me gain post study work experience but also helped a lot in adapting to the norms of living in the country. Overall my experience was valuable and rewarding.

PYP helped me acquire the required skills to be a successful employee in the current competitive working environment and these skills have helped me at my workplace. The student service officers assisted me throughout my journey. Thanks to all the staff members for the kindness and support you provided me.

PYP course is a definite recommendation for all the international students from my side. I was able to meet different individuals in the class which not only enhanced my professional network but made me more confident, skilled and adjustable to the Australian work culture. This programme also helped me increase my team work, communication and interview skills. Thank you so much for offering me such an amazing experience which was above my expectations.

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