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NAATI CCL Test – Get  5 bonus points for your Australia PR application

NAATI CCL Test – Get 5 bonus points for your Australia PR application

  • Date15 Jun 2019


Important point to know

From the research, it is found that the immigration department of Australia credited a hike in Australia pass points from 60 to 65. There the path to achieving the permanent residency had become more difficult and all the eligible students have to work hard in order to achieve the points. Students are finding various ways to enhance their permanent residency score. Here the discussion is on the increment of the points with the help of NAATI Course. However, there are different ways with which points can be increased and the students can improve the chances of getting a permanent residency in Australia.

Know about the NAATI Accreditation Test

Students studying in Australia want to improve their Australian points in order to grab the chances of Permanent Residency in Australia. They are fighting every test with which they can get the chance to increase the points and the path to get the PR increase with a potential rate. NAATI is termed as the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. This is an authority which offers a language test to the students known as CCL or Credentialed Community Language Test. This test analyses the communication language potential of the students and through the test, the Authority gives the students some points for the PR.

The applicants must pass this exam in order to get the additional points by which they can improve the chances of getting PR. After passing this test, students are able to get a bonus of 5 points for the application of their permanent residency.

Why do Naati Course?

NAATI is an authority which is responsible for conducting the CCL exam in order to test the students and their ability to become a translator or interpreter. This test is not only a test but a chance for the students to improve their Australian points to get a permanent residency in Australia. This authority is approved from the government so the certificate undertaken under this authority is considered to government-accredited certification.

This is test check the level of knowledge of community language test and it also provides benefit to those applicants having knowledge of different languages. These people having an understanding of multiple languages which makes them earn those five extra points for the visa based application such as permanent residency. This rule is demonstrated by the Department of Home affairs by taking consideration of the migration department of Australia. Generally, the passing rate of the CCL is above 50% and this attracts many applicants to opt for the test.

Another important thing is that this test is much simpler than the IELTS because in IELTS student has to secure 7 points to pass the exam. Students can do NAATI CCL test easily by examining in a conversational way rather than an academic way as done in IELTS. So either do NAATI CCL test or IELTS language proficiency test. Although students sit under this exam are less in number as compared to the other one. They’re doing this course will be beneficial in order to get marks in the CCL exam.

How the CCL test is organised?

NAATI offers a CCL test for the international students under the government rules and regulations in order to gain five more extra points for the points-based visas for migration such as permanent residency. This test can have more successful probability if the student does the NAATI courses from any reputed college in Australia. The major points are:

  • Under this test, recorded materials are used for conveying the two dialogue tasks of conversation between two people.
  • This is done during the alternative segment of the test. In this test, there will be an English speaker and other is LOTE speaker or a language other than English speaker.
  • Each dialogue task contains 300 words and these tasks are distributed under some segments contains 35 words each and the total time allotted to them is about 30 minutes.
  • An invigilator or supervisor will be present in the hall to manage the electronic items and to instruct the student about the exam. He is also responsible for managing the start time and finishes time for the exam and also any unwanted issues.
  • The part played by the supervisor is to record the test assessment and he is not liable to discuss anything with the candidate during the performance of CCL test. He can disqualify the candidate if he or she found to be offending the rules of the test.
  • The candidates have to prove their skills in both languages under this test within the given time.
  • The assessment conducted under this test analysis the ability of the candidate in the form of understanding and delivering the level of communication. The assessment must not violate any linguistic standards and convections of both languages.

Professional Year Program in Australia provides the services for the NAATI courses. The team of consultant will provide you with the best option of the colleges where you can this course easily. There are many colleges in the Australia region but finding the best one will be a tough thing. Our consultants will examine your needs and skills and advice you the best college to which you can apply for the NAATI course with which you can take help to clear your CCL test easily. This will probably help you in saving your time, money and effort and indirectly you will find the best college for the courses.

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