Professional Year Program - Engineering

Engineering is a field in which having a thorough knowledge of your profession is both a key requirement and a great advantage. This is why if you're keen on succeeding in you chosen profession, you must equip yourself with proper knowledge and skills so you can take advantage of excellent job opportunities. But what if you already have obtained the basic qualifications for an engineering position but you still find it difficult to find employment? If this is the case, then you should consider pursuing the Professional Year Program Engineering.

Developed by Engineering Education Australia (EEA), the Professional Year Program Engineering is designed to equip international graduates of Australian universities with the skills and experience they need to launch a successful career in the field of engineering. It provides graduates with job readiness training that covers Australian work practice, WHS, business communications and job hunting advice.

After completing 32 weeks of coursework, the program offers the graduates the opportunity to obtain experience by providing them with 10 to 12 weeks of compulsory internship at a relevant Australian firm.

The program is endorsed and supported by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to help address the shortage of qualified engineering professionals in Australia.

Benefits of Professional Year Program - Engineering

By successfully completing Professional Year - Engineering, international graduates will be able to:

  • Receive five (5) extra points towards their permanent residency application
  • Receive ongoing career assistance during and after the completion of the program
  • Gain additional pathway from university to employment within Australia
  • Secure a Professional Year Program certificate

Apart from having access to the abovementioned benefits, completing the program will also enable the international graduates to:

  • Work with reputable Australian organisations during their industrial placement
  • Obtain a working knowledge of the Australian workplace, work practices, and Workplace and Safety Requirements
  • Learn from certified engineering experts

To qualify for the program, candidates must:

  • Score at least 5 points each in all 6 skills of IELTS or PTE
  • Hold or applied for a Graduate (Temporary) Visa (subclass 485) that is valid for at least 12 months
  • Obtained a letter of confirmation for Skill Assessment in Engineering from EEA

Engineering graduates who possess a 476 visa can also qualify for the program provided that they have secured a skills assessment from EEA and scored at least 5 points in IELTS/PTE.

Why Us?

At Professional Year Program, our goal is to help international engineering graduates have access to excellent employment opportunities. To provide the best service possible, we work closely with the leading accredited providers of the EEA Professional Year Program in Engineering. As a result, we were able to assist dozens of students in securing admission to some of the most reputable Professional Year institutes in the country throughout the years.

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