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At PYP, we understand how advantageous and beneficial it can be to improve one's credentials and qualifications so they can make the most of excellent job opportunities that come their way. This is why we have committed ourselves to providing trustworthy and reliable assistance for international graduates of accounting, information technology, and engineering in Australia to enable them to enhance their qualifications and improve their understanding of Australian work practices through the Professional Year Program.

Our main goal is to help students compare pricing and service quality among a number of institutions in the country that offers Professional Year programs. Over the years, we have established strong relationships with learning institutions that offer the best study plans, training programs, and enriching internship opportunities in Australia.

This allows us to fulfil the specific needs and requirements of our clients, helping them reach for their career goals and objectives.

Our Company

Professional Year Program

PYP has been established to provide timely and accurate information about the Professional Year Program, a program endorsed by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection to address the country's skills shortage in the fields of accounting, engineering, and information technology.

Our aim is to create as many chances as possible for international graduates to find excellent job opportunities and use the skills and knowledge they have developed to advance their career. As such, we have gathered together a team of professional year experts. This allows us to provide our clients with numerous options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best and most reliable PY providers in Australia.

Although we cater mostly to international graduates and students currently based in Australia, we have plans to further expand our services. In the near future, we hope to help not only clients based locally, but also those that are from different parts of the globe.

Our Focus

We believe that the internship is the most important part of the Professional Year Program. It is because through these internship placements, international graduates and students can get to experience a real Australian workplace environment.

The internship allows them to add practical skills and experience to their professional year course. At the same time, it enables them to learn and familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of the Australian workplace.

At PYP, we focus on ensuring that our clients will get the best internship experience possible. We carefully consult each and every one of them so they are able to choose the best school or learning institution that has a partnership with the company they want to intern in.

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