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02 Aug 2017
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Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program that integrates formal learning and workplace experience. The program is designed for international students who have graduated from Australian University. The programs are promoted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to address current skills insufficiency in the country. These programs are obtainable in the fields of accounting, computer science and engineering, for now, where the need for skilled and qualified graduates is quite high.

Our company – Professional Year Program (PYP) has been started to provide correct and timely information about the professional year program. Our focus is to generate as many possibilities as possible for international graduates to acquire excellent job opportunities and utilize the knowledge and skills they have formed to advance their career. We trust that internship is the most significant part of the Professional Year Program. It is because via these internship placements, international graduates and students gain an Australian workplace environment experience. The internship permits them to attach practical experience and skills to their professional year course.

At PYP, we aim on making sure that our clients obtain the best possible internship experience. We carefully consult with every one of them so they are capable of selecting the best school or institution that has a partnership with the company they desire to intern in.

Why enroll in Professional Year Program?

  • Having an internship at an Australian company gives you valuable work experience.
  • Helps to improve your knowledge and understanding towards Australian workplace culture and practices.
  • Helps you to know and learn more about the professional communication.
  • Improves your skills, knowledge and understanding of your selected profession.
  • Uplift your employability.

Professional Year Program Accounting

It seeks to give accounting professionals and international accounting students who graduated from an Australian university with the means to upgrade their qualifications and employability by providing them job readiness training and a 12-week accounting internship placement. This will help students to grow the skills and knowledge that will help them take benefit of excellent job opportunities in Australia and succeed in their chosen careers.

Professional Year Program Engineering

It is planned to provide international graduates of Australian universities with the skills and experience they require to begin a successful career in the field of engineering. It gives graduates with job readiness training that covers Australian work practice, WHS, business communications and job hunting advice. After 32 weeks of coursework, the program give the graduates the chances to obtain experience by providing them with 10 to 12 weeks of compulsory internship at a relevant Australian firm.

Professional Year Program IT

It is open to international students who have acquired a degree in IT from Australian universities. It is planned to help improve the graduates' qualifications and employability by giving them with job readiness training and a 12-week IT internship placement.

If you have any queries or wants to know more about the programs then feel free to contact us – Professional Year Program. Get in touch with us and we will help you to achieve your dreams.





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