Thank you very much PYP! My stay here in Australia was made more awesome because of your assistance. The programs helped me improve my skills in Accounting, and you helped me land a great internship experience. You were there through and through by providing powerful support and assistance to my needs until I became well capacitated to be part of the Australian workforce. Now, I'm happy that your programs helped me land a good career in Australia which cemented my opportunity to live and work here. I greatly recommend you to anyone who wants to study and work here in Australia.

I was really skeptical about the PYP offers at first. With a lot of crap in the internet, I never thought I can find a gem. I came across PYP online, and I was quite adamant to enquire. Perhaps, it's a scam BUT my curiosity made me enquire nonetheless. I called the number in their site, and I was entertained right away. The customer service representative handled me well which encouraged me to give it a go. They help me through the process from step 1 to getting an opportunity to study in Australia up to landing my first job! They were really helpful with all my questions, and whenever I have doubts, they are always there to reassure me that I'm in good company. Now, I'm extremely happy to be working as an IT Professional here in Sydney, CBD. With the help of PYP, I was able to study and land a decent paying job here in Australia.

You rock PYP! Thanks a lot for giving me this kind of opportunity. It's all worth it. I never thought that my investment of going to PYP helped open more windows of opportunity here in Australia. My internship was very insightful, and I did learn a lot in real world applications of Accounting principles and practices. Thank you very much PYP for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I never thought you can be this pivotal for me to access Australia, and its workforce. I'm proud to say, I came from PYP, and now a contributing member to the Aussie workforce.

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