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Taking up Professional Year Program Australia can further enhance your understanding of the Australian workplace and equip you with additional skills and knowledge that can boost your chances of finding excellent employment opportunities in the country. If you want to improve your qualifications, you should consider pursuing Professional Year at QIBA.

Study Professional Year at QIBA

About QIBA

QIBA is a registered training organisation that delivers government-accredited vocational education courses in Australia. Apart from offering Professional Year Programs, it specialise in providing Business courses, as well as ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) and University Pathway programs for both local and international students.

Describing itself as a "meeting place for Australian and international students from several continents," QIBA is committed to providing students with top-notch education and internship opportunities. Its Professional Year Program combines both formal face-to-face learning with workplace experience to give international students the competitive edge they need when they graduate and start seeking employment.

QIBA prides itself in having exceptional experience with providing world-class education. Throughout the years, the school has been involved with major English projects in Japan, Malaysia, and New Caledonia. It hires only fully qualified and experienced teachers to be part of its teaching staff. When they study at QIBA, students can always expect a caring and supportive learning environment, thanks to QIBA's teachers who have a passion for teaching and a wealth of experience.


With QIBA's Professional Year Program, international graduates can easily make the transition from university to employment. Successfully completing the program also gives them the ability to apply for 5 migration points towards their permanent residency application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

During the course of 44 weeks, students will be able to develop workplace skills, familiarise themselves with the norms and values observed in most Australia workplaces, and boost their knowledge and understanding of Australian employment market and workplace culture. They can also take advantage of an internship placement that can help boost their career prospects in Australia.


QIBA has three campuses located in the three major capital cities and cultural hubs of Australia: Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.


QIBA is currently accepting enrolments for the Professional Year Program in IT at the following locations:

  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Darwin
  • Hobart
  • Sydney CBD

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If you want to pursue Professional Year at QIBA, we can help. Throughout the years, we have helped countless international students secure admission to some of the most reliable and reputable professional year institutions in the country. We'll guide you throughout the admission process to ensure that you'll be accepted by your preferred institution.

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