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Dream big! Make an action by enrolling the professional year in Perth that helps you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that you need to become the best in your chosen career. Career enhancement can be easy and fun with the help of right institution. Aiming for brighter and better future is now possible with the help of professional year program.

The Professional Year Program in Information Technology is open to international students who have obtained a degree in IT from Australian universities. It is designed to help improve the graduates' qualifications and employability by providing them with job readiness training and a 12-week IT internship placement.

The 44-week program is developed by the Australian Computer Society or ACS and endorsed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to help address the shortage of qualified IT professionals in the country.

PYP - Engineering At a Glance


$15,200 - $15,500


44 weeks (minimum) including 32 weeks training in-class and 12 weeks internship placement.



Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have completed an undergraduate or post-graduate engineering award in Australia.

Candidates must hold or have applied for visa 485 (Temporary graduate visa) with a minimum of 12 months validity.

To prove proficiency in English, candidates must have an overall score of 6 in IELTS with a minimum score of 5 in each band OR a minimum overall score of 50 in PTE Academic with a minimum of 36 in all bands of the exam

Candidates are required to furnish a valid skills assessment from Engineering Education Australia.

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Benefits of Professional Year Program - Engineering

4 Factors to consider why enrolling the professional year engineering Perth


Modern society that we have today requires skills and professionals. Engineering is one of the most in demand profession today. The Professional year engineering Perth helps you acquire the necessary skills, information and other theoretical concepts that students can be used to become better in their field. The institution was design to give practical information needed by each student. The curriculum year program will help even foreign students that want to have a permanent and secure work in Australia.

Concise Schedule

The institution follow standard curriculum set by the Australian Education to assure produce a quality and competitive students. Classes were held in very conducive classroom with face-face basis and training. The professional year programs run for 12 months or 44 weeks, 12 of which are allocated to the students� internship.

Curriculum Scope

Every lesson where handle by fully competitive and amicable teaching personal that are always willing to give help the student in their study. The professional year engineering is a good choice for people who seek good quality education with a very friendly schedule at the same time.

Advantages in the work field

Finishing the professional year engineering is your advantage among the others. It will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and information needed that can be used to become the best and competitive in your field.

Why Us?

At Professional Year Program, Be wise and choose for the institutions that truly understand the needs of people and the community. Always look for the right institution that was dedicated to give only the best in you. Better and brighter future is now within your hand.

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