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The future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams." By Eleanor Roosevelt Exercise your mind as you expand your horizon, Professional Year Program Accounting is a good program for those people who want to improve, challenge and explore more about their skills. The program can help students to become fully competitive in their chosen careers. With the very accommodating schedule and amicable staff education is now hassle free.

Extend yourself to more advance and productive way. The Professional Year Program Perth is the gateway to more exciting life. The program offers great opportunity that will help you to become more competitive in your field and expert to the things that you need to know. Learn practical ways that you can use to your future work.

PYP - Accounting At a Glance


$6000 - $13,000


44 weeks (minimum) including 32 weeks training in-class and 12 weeks internship placement.



Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have obtained a recognized accounting degree which provides a minimum of 2 years of credit points. The course must have been completed over a minimum duration of 3 years (18 months).

Candidates must hold or have applied for visa 485 (Temporary graduate visa) with a minimum of 12 months validity.

To prove proficiency in English language, candidates must have an overall score of 6 in IELTS with a minimum score of 6 in each band OR a minimum score of 50 in PTE academic exam.

Candidates are required to provide a valid skills assessment from a professional accounting association.

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Great Advantages of Enrolling the Professional Year Program Perth

Advantage #1

The Professional Year Program offers a vast of opportunity to all students who seek for a good and quality future in life. It exercises outstanding curriculum guidelines that help the student expert and competitive in their field. Skills and practical information delivered with very competitive and companionable instructors trained to bring out the best in you.

Advantage #2

The entire programs were handled by the professional to insure that the target skills are being achieved by the students. With the help of the expertise to impart the necessary knowledge, it will help you to join other relevant professional bodies to help you become better and gain extra points that you can used for promotions or any purpose it may served. The program will even help student to become eloquent in practicing your job.

Advantage #3

The Skilled Migration Internship Program Accounting will help you understand more about the work place, work practices and safety requirements, which can be used as your tools to work effectively and efficiently in the field. The Professional Year Program Accounting was recognized all over the country, and because of those advantages during application was all yours.

Advantage #4

The institution was developed to give updated and practical program for the students to excel in their future careers. The institution is also always ready to give assistance during and after the training. This will help to insure students to find better job after they completed the program.

Dream big!

Professional Year Program is perfect for those people seek for a better and secure life. It is designed to help students becomes best and excellent in the real world. Any dreams are now possible to happen with the right choice. Become ready and Enroll now!

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