Health Insurance - 485/457 visa

Health Insurance - 485/457 visa

If you have plans to study and/or work in Australia, you must secure health insurance prior to travelling to the country. Health insurance provides coverage for the insured individual's medical and surgical costs. This requirement is mandatory for travellers who wish to secure a Skilled Graduate 485 Visa or a Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa, which is also known as the 457 Visa.

For Skilled Graduate 485 Visa Applicants

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires all applicants of the Skilled Graduate 485 Visa to obtain private health insurance before submitting their visa application. As stated in the 8501 condition, visa applicants "must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while the holder is in Australia."

Failure to comply may result in the rejection of your visa application.

For Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa Applicants

Likewise, all foreigners who wish to work in Australia must secure private health insurance by the time the decision regarding their visa application is announced. Failure to obtain health insurance may lead to the refusal of their visa.

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