Reasons to Select Accounting as Your Professional Year Program

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20 Jul 2017
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Professional year program is a program developed by the Australian Universities to train the students who have graduated to improve their career prospects and to develop their skills; a student holds the liability to choose their program depending on their specialization.

What to Choose?

It is very important to choose the professional program wisely. Not only is your career depended on it but your growth of interest in that particular field is also challenged. But in this topic you are advised to choose accounting as your professional program.

Why Professional Year Program Accounting?

Accounting involves:

  • Method of the transactions taking place
  • Keeping a record of the transactions taking place
  • To perform internal audits to check whether any complications happened or not and every transaction has been done rightfully
  • Giving a proper report about the transactions and proper analyzation of the financial index of the company to the management
  • To give proper advise about the tax program
  • To keep a proper record of the resources that a firm has
  • By keeping a proper resource record it is advisable to give a proper idea about the prospect of the growth of employment in the company
  • To have a proper idea from the financial records about the profit and loss of the company

Each and every company now matter how big it is needs someone to keep an account of the things that is going around. Accounting involves a lot of responsibilities. The financial stature of the company lies on the shoulder. Any wrong transaction or not keeping proper record may result in huge penalties.

Can I Apply for Professional Year Program Accounting?

To take accounting after your graduation in the professional program you need to have the following:

  • You need to have a graduation certificate from any of the related field of higher education program in Australia
  • It is very important to have a minimum IELTS score of 6 or equivalent
  • You need to apply for a temporary graduate visa with a minimum of 12 months validity
  • You need to provide valid skill assessments from CPA. IPA or CA

If you satisfy all the above criteria then you are eligible to apply for accounting as your professional program.

The sole duty of these institutions would be to keep each and every student under proper observation to check their day to day development. They should prepare each and every student professionally to face the world and best at their job.

What Does the Program Have in Store?

The professional program in accounting is generally a 44 week program depending on your choice including weeks of internship to professionally prepare you for the course. Professional Year Program Perth is a popular institution that has some special variations to develop the skills of the student enrolled in the course. Professional Year Program Perth is responsible for the success of several students in the field of accounting. The program covers the area of work place in Australia, business and communication skills, health and hospitality services and scrutinized work place training.

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Course structure of professional year program

The promising professional year program Perth is a 44-week ICT program designed for IT graduates and comprises of the following three stages:-

First stage- The face to face learning

Under the first stage, students are served with integrated theoretical knowledge so as to furnish the basic know how and communication skills required to integrate Australian business setting in the IT field. This stage includes 7 subjects that take 4-week time to transmit comprehensive knowledge to the students. Students must attend the campuses for a minimum of 1 day per week so as to facilitate completion of the first stage.

Second stage- Professional work integrated learning placement (internship)

The professional work integrated learning placement comprises the second stage of learning and aims at improvising the workplace experience of the aspirants. Such sort of internship environment provides them a typical and well-crafted environment to cultivate excellence and grow all over again. Students are tied up with leading business tycoons and are supposed to showcase their practical skills there, and such a diversified platform grants them a golden opportunity to explore their talents and estimate their worth.

Third stage- practical applications

This stage comes up as a consolidation of the previous two stages and helps students to pave the path for their sparkling future in Australia.

Entry Reqruitments

To be eligible for professional year program, one must have-

  • Completed a renowned IT degree in Australia with a minimum of 18 months
  • Applied for or obtained a temporary graduate Visa subclass 485 with 12 months’ period as the minimum validity.
  • Currently a IELTS score of minimum 5.0 in every skill and 6.0 in overall subjects with equivalent English test result.


Professional year program is a great opportunity for IT graduates to proceed towards a successful work life and gain invaluable experience from such a profound ocean of knowledge. The course comprises of three stages that consume 44 weeks to get completed and students must satisfy certain prescribed conditions to secure eligibility for the same.