Craving for prominent placement opportunities? Looking forward to touch the highest peak named success? If yes, Professional year program Perth can do wonders in sharpening your future with the magical wand of practical knowledge, training and excellence. The Professional year program in IT or computing has been propounded by the Australian computer society and is renowned for the repertoire of learning it emanates to the IT graduates from all the Australian universities established therein.

This professional program serves as a boon for IT graduates and pave a prestigious path for a shining career by providing numerous invaluable employment opportunities to the aspirants. It is an initiative by Department of immigration and Border protection (DIBS) so as to contract the deficiency of developed skills addressed therein by offering ample employment opportunities to the IT graduates.  The job readiness training and 12 weeks IT work integrated learning internship aids the aspirants in securing a marvelous position in one of the eminent companies situated therein.

Course structure of professional year program

The promising professional year program Perth is a 44-week ICT program designed for IT graduates and comprises of the following three stages: -

  • First stage- The face to face learning

Under the first stage, students are served with integrated theoretical knowledge so as to furnish the basic know how and communication skills required to integrate Australian business setting in the IT field. This stage includes 7 subjects that take 4-week time to transmit comprehensive knowledge to the students. Students must attend the campuses for a minimum of 1 day per week so as to facilitate completion of the first stage.

  • Second stage- Professional work integrated learning placement (internship)

The professional work integrated learning placement comprises the second stage of learning and aims at improvising the workplace experience of the aspirants. Such sort of internship environment provides them a typical and well-crafted environment to cultivate excellence and grow all over again. Students are tied up with leading business tycoons and are supposed to showcase their practical skills there, and such a diversified platform grants them a golden opportunity to explore their talents and estimate their worth.

  • Third stage- practical applications

This stage comes up as a consolidation of the previous two stages and helps students to pave the path for their sparkling future in Australia.

 Entry requirements

To be eligible for professional year program, one must have-

  • Completed a renowned IT degree in Australia with a minimum of 18 months
  • Applied for or obtained a temporary graduate Visa subclass 485 with 12 months’ period as the minimum validity.
  • Currently a IELTS score of minimum 5.0 in every skill and 6.0 in overall subjects with equivalent English test result.


Professional year program is a great opportunity for IT graduates to proceed towards a successful work life and gain invaluable experience from such a profound ocean of knowledge. The course comprises of three stages that consume 44 weeks to get completed and students must satisfy certain prescribed conditions to secure eligibility for the same.