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11 Jul 2018
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Generally called the Job Preparation Program, the Professional Year is aiming at formal career advancement to achieve the employment of engineering/ IT/accounting students, which is suitable for their capabilities. It is always a process to be nourished for any person to join a good association or company in Australia.

For international students in Australia, the Professional Year Program is a structured professional advancement program. The applicants must have a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, IT or Engineering, who are interested in pursuing the Professional Year Program in Australia.

This program adds formal education and work experience to international students who have freshly graduated from Australia. This is a program designed to enhance the employability of international graduates studying in Australia. Available in three topics: Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, and Accounting. The least period of PY program is 44 weeks, which includes 30 weeks of class training and 12-week internship placement.

The quantity ofperfectionProfessional Year Adelaidegives to all overseas students makes it popular, principally IT graduates, engineering graduates and accounting graduates look forward to their upcoming efforts, whatever profile they are willing to choose, and in whatever profile they consider themselves satisfactory. The duration of the internship significantly enhances the level of conversation with any student.

A certified Professional year program Adelaide by the Immigration Department and the Border Security Department (DIBP) enables the student to overcome employment barriers and meet career goals. To secure better job opportunities in Australia, it is best to have sound functional knowledge with theoretical education. Australian education or teaching system is divided into four essential parts, including schools, universities, vocational education and training and English language training college.

Professional year program has been started by the Australian Government. The Professional Year program is for graduate-level students from diploma holders and Australian universities. This program has been made available in various disciplines like Accounting, Engineering together with Computer Science.

Students with overseas background who have a real degree or diploma from any of the famous Australian universities can avail huge benefits from Professional Year program courses.

  • Accounting Professional Year program (Formerly SMIPA): The professional year accounting Adelaide is accessible to students who have taken hold of Australian accounting qualification as an outcome of at least two years of study in Australia. There is wide scope for accounting students to take it to the height as the Department of Home affairs certified the Professional year program.  The Accounting Professional Year Program (formerly SMIPA) is a 12-month course. This professional year program is an option for high school students in accounting. This accounting helps the students from overseas land (migration) to enhance their ability in the professional year accounting industry.  A professional year can aid students in getting 5 added points added to the PR-point system. It is very important for students seeking PR or permanent residence to stay in Australia.
  • Professional year Information Technology: The Professional Year Program in IT is organized to give complete training with practical skills for promoting their career options for all IT graduate students. Professional Year IT can really secure a satisfying IT job for students. Professional Year IT has been duly approved and designed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). The professional year IT Adelaide provides an extra knowledge, practical skills and training to those students who have graduated in Information Technology (IT). Students who select the program are in certain conditions, are planning to improve their career prospects and they also decide to study from an institute who becomes an ideal way for them to study and find right jobs in a company in Australia.
  • Engineering Professional Year: Professional Year Engineering Adelaide is the only government supported and valid working program, which has been specifically developed for engineering students who are targeted for migration and permanent disposal in Australia. This program is also focused on the widening of job opportunities in the engineering field. This program is for a period of 44 weeks and students or participants are given extensive knowledge of the prevailing rules and regulations within the Australian workplace. After the course period, students are given job placement within a competent Australian engineering team. Engineering Education Australia Company is the only authorized organization in the country which can offer a professional year in engineering.

Professional Year Australia prepares them to make a career in Australia; it is the best government associated program gives quality background for students in business- specialized professionalism and workplace practice.

As a student of renowned professional Year Program or NAATI Course Adelaide, you get real insight into the customs and practices of their workplace. It opens the way for Australian internships, which are certified and approved by the Department head of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). It also boosts your migration prospects in Australia. Overseas students can gain extraordinary success in their career areas by studying CPA Professional Year Adelaide.

Do not wait too long to take advantage of this program. The earlier you gain the knowledge and enhance your résumé, you will get better openings.

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Course structure of professional year program

The promising professional year program Perth is a 44-week ICT program designed for IT graduates and comprises of the following three stages:-

First stage- The face to face learning

Under the first stage, students are served with integrated theoretical knowledge so as to furnish the basic know how and communication skills required to integrate Australian business setting in the IT field. This stage includes 7 subjects that take 4-week time to transmit comprehensive knowledge to the students. Students must attend the campuses for a minimum of 1 day per week so as to facilitate completion of the first stage.

Second stage- Professional work integrated learning placement (internship)

The professional work integrated learning placement comprises the second stage of learning and aims at improvising the workplace experience of the aspirants. Such sort of internship environment provides them a typical and well-crafted environment to cultivate excellence and grow all over again. Students are tied up with leading business tycoons and are supposed to showcase their practical skills there, and such a diversified platform grants them a golden opportunity to explore their talents and estimate their worth.

Third stage- practical applications

This stage comes up as a consolidation of the previous two stages and helps students to pave the path for their sparkling future in Australia.

Entry Reqruitments

To be eligible for professional year program, one must have-

  • Completed a renowned IT degree in Australia with a minimum of 18 months
  • Applied for or obtained a temporary graduate Visa subclass 485 with 12 months’ period as the minimum validity.
  • Currently a IELTS score of minimum 5.0 in every skill and 6.0 in overall subjects with equivalent English test result.


Professional year program is a great opportunity for IT graduates to proceed towards a successful work life and gain invaluable experience from such a profound ocean of knowledge. The course comprises of three stages that consume 44 weeks to get completed and students must satisfy certain prescribed conditions to secure eligibility for the same.