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05 Sep 2017
Posted by: Rajesh Thakur

Advance your accounting skills and business acumen into analysis, additional learning or skilled observe, with Melbourne Polytechnic’s Master of skilled and Practicing Accounting (MPPA).

Designed for progressive, industrious, business-minded graduates and for those needing to stand out within the skilled accounting field, the MPPA offers an inordinateness of employment opportunities, from operating as a tutorial to a business executive, in any corner of the world!

The Professional Year Program provides graduates students from Australian universities the sensible skills and coaching required to reinforce their career. An extra gateway with lots of experience and knowledge from university to employment phase, such yearly program makes sure that each single graduate will have job in his hand.

Keep up, go on and find ahead

The global business world is gaining popularity day by day. Leading firms are in need of professionals who are able to confirm propose and trends company permutations that guarantee economical and functional viability.

Opportunities to put higher level studies in skilled and active Accounting with a wide grasp of company, national and international business atmosphere are rarely found. Here we provide an efficient route to get skilled accounting skills for employers.

You’ll enhance the programming skills needed to form important contributions to:

  • corporate coming up with
  • information and data management
  • leadership quality
  • development of company scheme

You’ll be able to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills with:

  • creativity and initiative to new situations in professional practice and/or for further learning
  • a high level of private autonomy and responsibility
  • effective execution of considerable research-based comes

Exit Points

You’re able to exit the course when one year with a Graduate credential of skilled and Practicing Accounting, then value more highly to complete their Master later.

Who is Eligible for these programs?

In order to become applicable for Year Program in Accounting, you need to be:

  • Done graduation from a connected teaching program inside Australia (min. two years duration)
  • Recently applied for a visa especially graduate visa for almost 12 month of validity
  • You might have scored at least 6 in each single band for IELTS.
  • Provide a sound skill assessment from IPA accountant, or CA.

Our Services

At Professional Year Program Perth, our main aim is to assist graduates people get an extra pathway from university to employment phase. Here are basic reasons behind why you must opt for our services:

  • We deal with popular authorized suppliers of the skilled Year Program in Accounting in Australia.
  • We have power-assisted dozens of scholars to secure admission at a number of the simplest skilled Year institutes within the country.
  • We offer the most recent and updated news and data regarding scholarship choices and promotions associated with the skilled Year Program.

So, if you are searching for the most effective methods of uplifting your career, then talk to us these days and we'll do our greatest to assist you create the foremost of the advantages offered by our programs.

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Course structure of professional year program

The promising professional year program Perth is a 44-week ICT program designed for IT graduates and comprises of the following three stages:-

First stage- The face to face learning

Under the first stage, students are served with integrated theoretical knowledge so as to furnish the basic know how and communication skills required to integrate Australian business setting in the IT field. This stage includes 7 subjects that take 4-week time to transmit comprehensive knowledge to the students. Students must attend the campuses for a minimum of 1 day per week so as to facilitate completion of the first stage.

Second stage- Professional work integrated learning placement (internship)

The professional work integrated learning placement comprises the second stage of learning and aims at improvising the workplace experience of the aspirants. Such sort of internship environment provides them a typical and well-crafted environment to cultivate excellence and grow all over again. Students are tied up with leading business tycoons and are supposed to showcase their practical skills there, and such a diversified platform grants them a golden opportunity to explore their talents and estimate their worth.

Third stage- practical applications

This stage comes up as a consolidation of the previous two stages and helps students to pave the path for their sparkling future in Australia.

Entry Reqruitments

To be eligible for professional year program, one must have-

  • Completed a renowned IT degree in Australia with a minimum of 18 months
  • Applied for or obtained a temporary graduate Visa subclass 485 with 12 months’ period as the minimum validity.
  • Currently a IELTS score of minimum 5.0 in every skill and 6.0 in overall subjects with equivalent English test result.


Professional year program is a great opportunity for IT graduates to proceed towards a successful work life and gain invaluable experience from such a profound ocean of knowledge. The course comprises of three stages that consume 44 weeks to get completed and students must satisfy certain prescribed conditions to secure eligibility for the same.